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A boutique style, real estate firm based in Dubai

Our Approach

We take a one-of-a-kind, client-centered approach to all of our real estate dealings. Our clients remain the cornerstone of everything we strive for, from our first meeting to our continued years of partnership and trust.

Our approach is unique: we believe that combining a holistic approach with an investment focus, understanding individual circumstances, and strategizing first and acting second creates a powerful platform for success. For us, strong goals drive compelling results and are critical to empowering our clients.

Historically, real estate investments have proven to be valuable portfolio diversifiers when used in conjunction with traditional equity and bond portfolios. Exposure to real estate investments may also help offset the effects of inflation through potential capital appreciation and dividend growth. GCP Group has bifurcated its real-estate division into Brokerage, Management, Value Engineering, Maintainence and development arming ourselves with the expertise to capitalize in Dubai’s real estate market.